A Facebook group must serve a purpose. One needs to achieve something with such a group. To start a Facebook group just for the sake of it is a waste of time and resources.

What is the value of a group on Facebook about children with disabilities? What does one aim to achieve with such a group?

A Facebook group about children with disabilities should make a contribution to the betterment of the life experiences of children with disabilities. It should help to change the landscape of children with disabilities for the better.

Children with Disabilities of South Africa” is a Facebook group of the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) and it aims to achieve the following with the group:

Boy in wheelchair with raised arms symbolising freedom, independence and overcoming

To find solutions for the issues faced by children with disabilities

2.  To offer advice on the care, rehabilitation etc of children with disabilities

3.  Members of the group working together to tackle the challenges faced by children with disabilities

4.  To serve as an advocacy group speaking out against the rights infringements children with disabilities have to endure

5.  To learn about the challenges faced by children with disabilities

6.  To act as a forum where parents and carersof children with disabilities can share their stories

8.  Awareness-raising about our country’s children with disabilities, the conditions they face, their challenges and the infringements of their rights

9.  Members of the group to collectively stand up against the rights violations of children with disabilities

10.  Information dissemination

11.  The development of the group into an action group to break down barriers and confront discrimination children with disabilities face

The group description of “Children with Disabilities of South Africa” states the following”

This group is for anyone who has an interest in working for a better country for our severely marginalised, excluded and oppressed children with disabilities.

There is no group in the country or in the world that is more exposed and vulnerable than children with disabilities. They are denied rights and opportunities other children take for granted. The vast majority face the double jeopardy of being disabled and being poor.

With this group, we want to find ways to give them hope, prospects for their future. We will share ideas to fight the widespread discrimination against them and the denial of even their most basic rights. We want to talk about how they are stigmatised, the victims of absurd cultural superstitions, their heightened vulnerability to abuse, neglect and sexual exploitation and how they are often denied access to justice when they have been the victims of crimes.

We want to talk about plans to transform the current system of inequality, violating their rights and robbing them of their childhood and a foundation on which to build a future.

This group is not a support group for parents of children with disabilities. There seems to be enough of such groups available.

This group is for anyone who wants to get involved in fighting the injustices committed against our country’s children with disabilities.


All South Africans who can identify with the above and who would like to promote the cause of our country’s chilkdren with disabilities are invited to join the group.


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