The advocacy and lobbying efforts of disability organisations to combat the deep and widespread infringement of the rights of children with disabilities have limited impact. The system responsible for the rights violations of disabled children is very difficult to penetrate. At the moment appeals for change are shrugged off, ignored and swept under the carpet. Those in positions of power seem to lack the will and steadfastness to enforce positive change.

We need masses of people to rise up and shout out against the abuse, ill-treatmernt and rights violations against children with disabilities.

Persons with disabilities must organise and mobilise against the morally indefensible oppression of society’s most vulnerable and exposed group, children with disabilities. But to really be effective in transforming a dysfunctional system that has scant regard for the needs and rights of disabled children, the public in great masses need to rise up.

Social action, mobilising the people to stand up in great numbers and to shout out against the crminal oppression and exclusion of children with disabilities will fotrce down positive systemic changes.

The only way is for the people to rise. The power is in the hands of the people.

via Children with Disabilities are the World’s most Exposed and Vulnerable Group

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